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Moving Car and Furniture

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Our signature service is the “You Load, We Drive” service. We bring the moving truck to your home where you load it. We transport it to the destination where you unload it. MovingPlace is a pioneer in self-service, you Moving long distance can be stressful. Driving hundreds or even thousands of miles can make it even worse. So why not let us move your car and your furniture?

MovingPlace has a number of options when moving your car and furniture. We can have one of our professional car transport companies move your car quickly and efficiently for a great price, or, if you have a large amount of furniture to move, we can order a full sized moving van and ship your car and furniture on the truck.

When filling out the quote form, make sure to include the make and model of the car that you would like to move.


This is a live opportunity for you to add comments and/or ask questions about the array of offerings for moving truck services. We find that customers often have similar questions or experiences. That makes this section of our website packed with good information for those that are looking to move or that are already using full service movers or self service movers. If you are already a moving company customer or have received a one way moving quote, it would be helpful if you would add your shipment/or quote number to your question/comment. That will enable us to contact you directly if necessary in addition to answering your long distance moving questions here. Thank you for shopping with MovingPlace

Customer Questions


Moving your car and furniture with MovingPlace from Pennsylvania to California is easy.  We ship your furniture and household items in a moving van.  The Acura would be shipped on a large auto-transport (the big trucks that haul eight or nine cars at a time).  Because the rates change based on factors such as time of year and fuel costs, we do not post rates in the FAQs.  If you would please fill out one of our quote forms, we will quickly email pricing for your move.  Or, for more immediate assistance, please give us a call at 800-876-6839.



We can certainly help you moving your cars and furniture to Georgia.  In order to get you some accurate pricing, we need to know if Norcross is, in fact, your final destination.  We can give you pricing to put both of your cars on the same auto transporter and then ship your household items inside a moving van.  You will do the loading and unloading of the furniture, but our car transport driver will handle the loading and unloading of the cars.

Hi Alfredo,We can usually handle any shipment with 48 hours’ notice. For shipping your car and furniture, it will be most economical to split the shipment and put the household goods on a moving truck and the car on an auto transporter. We will email over rates for both.

Hi James,We can certainly help you with moving your car. The cars have to be empty when they are moved, so the boxes will need to go on a moving truck. Our recommendation is to ship the car with us and the boxes via UPS. That is going to be the most cost-effective way of handling your order. If you had furniture and a load to go, then one of our moving trucks would be the best option. We see that you filled out a quote form and will be emailing you rates.Thanks!

Hi Ann,For a household goods shipment, we can hold it on the moving truck at the destination terminal until you arrive (there are storage fees, but they are very reasonable). Cars need to be delivered as we do not have storage options for them. Anyone can accept the car on your behalf and the driver will be unloading it. So you can have it left at a business or in the driveway at your new home as long as someone is there to sign for it and accept the keys.

Hi Ervis,We can help you move your car, but the cars must be empty when they are shipped (for safety and security purposes). You cannot put any furniture or other items to travel inside the car when shipping.

Hi Nycole,We can transport modified cars (in your case, a modified truck). We would need to use a specialized transporter to accommodate the body lift, so there will be limited availability (meaning we will need flexibility on when it is picked up). Please give us a call at 800-876-6839 for pricing and to go over the details of transporting your car and furniture.Thanks!

Hi Sharon,Absolutely! We specialize in moving cars and furniture. We would put your car on one of the big auto transporters (the trucks you see on the highway hauling 8 or 9 cars at a time) and get you a small space on one of our cross country moving trucks.

Hi Leela,I see that you filled out our quote request form. You should have already gotten an email from us with pricing for moving your car and furniture. We do not post the pricing on our forum as the pricing is affected by seasonality and fuel prices.Thanks!

Hi Peter,That is exactly what we do! For your collectible car, we can get an enclosed auto-transport for you. It is a little more expensive, but will ensure safe transit with no exposure to the elements. Cars are insured in transit as well.

Hi Shawna,Yes, you could rent a full 53ft tractor trailer from us and load everything on the same moving van to travel together. For others reading this, shipping the car and furniture together on the same moving truck is only available if you order the entire truck. To request a quote for this, select “53ft Tractor Trailer” as the size on the drop down menu on the quote form and then put the make and models of the car in the comments section.We have several coverage options available, depending on your moving needs. Please contact us at 800-876-6839 and one of our moving consultants will be able to price this for you.Thanks!

Hi Allison,We can certainly help you with moving your car and household items. We will get you a moving truck for your household (you will do the loading and unloading). For the car, as long as it is operable, we will transport it on an auto transporter (the big trucks that haul 8 or 9 cars at a time). For cars, the driver will do the loading, unloading, and securing of the vehicle… so you don’t have anything to worry about with that other than handing the driver the keys! 🙂

Hi Brittany,We specialize in moving your car and furniture, so yes! If you fill out our quote form and put the makes and models of the cars to ship in the comments section, one of our relocation specialists will email pricing for everything over to you.

Hi Erica,Our pricing has some fluctuations based on demand and timing, so we do not put prices on the forum. We can certainly help you with moving your car and furniture and have already emailed pricing to the email that you provided. Please let us know if we can help in any way.

Hi Chuck,We suggest getting a small space on our moving truck for your furniture, and then shipping the car on one of our auto transporters (the big tractor trailers that haul 8 or 9 cars at a time). If you fill out one of our quote request forms and put the make and model of the car in the comments section, we will email you pricing for moving your car and furniture. If you need immediate assistance, please call us at 800-876-6839.

Hi Cindy,We can set up the schedules for your car and household shipping so that they are picking up and dropping off at about the same time. There will be two different trucks involved (one for household and one for the car shipment), so it won’t be at exactly the same time.

Hi Cindy,When we ship a car on an auto transporter (the big tractor trailers that haul several cars at the same time), we ship them full service; meaning that the driver is going to load, unload, and secure the vehicle. Our household goods moving is all self-service (customer load and unload, we provide the truck and driver).

Hi Joette,The transit time for moving your furniture and car will vary based on how far you are moving. A general rule of thumb is that the moving trucks will travel 400 miles per day on average. When you book your move, we will not only schedule the pickup, but also the delivery! We take the guesswork out of moving.

Hi David,To move your cars and furniture, we would recommend you splitting your shipment up into two parts to save money. The cars will ship on an auto transporter (the big trucks that haul 7 or 8 cars at a time) and the furniture will move on a big moving truck. You can put the car and furniture on the same moving van, but the cost is really high, so we recommend moving them separately.

Hi Matt,We get this question a lot. When moving a car and furniture, we put the household items on one moving van and the car on an auto transporter. Cars that are moved on auto transporters must be completely empty. We will get you plenty of space inside the moving van so that you do not need to load the car down.



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