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Call now to save up to 10% on your move! | 877-957-8006

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This is a live opportunity for you to add comments and/or ask questions about the array of offerings for moving truck services. We find that customers often have similar questions or experiences. That makes this section of our website packed with good information for those that are looking to move or that are already using full service movers or self service movers. If you are already a moving company customer or have received a one way moving quote, it would be helpful if you would add your shipment/or quote number to your question/comment. That will enable us to contact you directly if necessary in addition to answering your long distance moving questions here. Thank you for shopping with MovingPlace

Customer Questions

Good questions, Jeff. The best place to check is the Better Business Bureau. You will see that we have an A rating and have had zero complaints in the last 12 months. Customers have also given us reviews there that are verified by the BBB. As for our licensing and bond, you can check that out at That is the official website of the Department of Transportation. Our license number is MC807665.

Hi Andrea,There are a couple of really good loading and unloading services that will help with our moving trucks. We recommend They have coverage in most major cities and a lot of our customers have had good results using them to load/unload our moving vans.

Hi Daren,We are a self-service mover. We bring the moving truck out to your home. You load it. We transport it to the destination where you unload it. We also are a state to state mover only. We recommend that you call a local mover in your area that specializes in small moves like this.Thanks!

We actually use moving trucks instead of pods. And yes, we only perform moves from state to state, so you have reached the right place! Please fill out the quote form and we will email over pricing for your move.

Hi Mary,Most of the moving trucks that we use are 28ft long, 8.5ft wide, and 9ft tall (inside dimensions). We can get you as much space as you need on one of those trucks by using a bulkhead (wall) to make a private compartment for you on that moving truck. So we can accommodate any sized shipment, large or small. If you need more than 28ft, we can get you a second truck or we can rent you an entire 53ft moving van.Moving Place Web Team

Hello Paul,We do not have driver services like this. We actually provide the moving truck, driver, fuel, and door-to-door service. If you compare our pricing to what you are paying for a Uhaul only, you may be surprised that often we are cheaper than Uhaul while providing a lot more service.


We used the MovingPlace to transport our household goods from Tampa, Florida to a suburb of Chicago. We were very pleased with the service and they performed exactly as promised. Rachel and Chris were very helpful and answered my calls and emails promptly before, during and after the move. They were very knowledgeable, accurate and very responsive.We contracted for a total of 36 feet on two trailers. The trailers were dropped off, picked up, delivered to Illinois and once empty, picked up on the dates and within the timeframe they told us up-front. We relied on previous experience from a prior move, an online, detailed space estimator and quotes from 2 local movers regarding how much space we required and that’s how it turned out. There is no value in underestimating the space you need, to try to get a lower price, because they will charge you for the actual space you move. That’s only fair.Unless you are a minimalist, there is no way you can fit a four bedroom home in a 26 ft. rental truck. If you try, you will have a very unpleasant surprise come moving day. The cost of renting two rental trucks plus fuel was actually a bit higher than the cost of the MovingPlace. Driving two moving vans and two passenger cars 1200 miles would have been a lot more involved, time consuming and fatiguing than just driving two cars. Read your pre-move instructions provided by Movingplace thoroughly. Understanding the process and heeding their advice will make your move go much smoother. Moving this way is more complicated than using a full service mover, but the cost savings is amazing. Including local movers to wrap, load, unload, buying moving blankets on Craig’s List and ratchet strap, tie-downs at Home Depot, our total costs were just 39% of the cost of a full service mover. Therefore, I would highly recommend using the MovingPlace.

Thank you for the comments Rich. We really appreciate the feedback.Stu, Chris, and the Team.

Hi Michael,Because we use moving trucks and not PODS containers, we can take the trucks to much more remote locations. Yes, we service Boone directly. If you fill out the quote form on this page, we will email you a quick price quote. Or you can call us on our 800 number and we will help you right away.Thank you!Moving Place

Hi Richard,We saw that you put a request in using our moving quote generator. A moving specialist is reviewing this and will email you prices shortly. Our moving truck rental service is an excellent alternative to PODS.Moving Place

Other than from being less expensive, Pods is a container moving service and is a moving service provided on long distance moving trucks. Pods brings out a container and leaves it in your driveway where you load it. They then put it on a flatbed and haul it to the destination. arranges a professional moving van equipped with furniture blankets, loading ramps, tie down straps, and a dolly. You load it. We transport the moving truck to the destination where you unload it.The major difference between PODS and is the air-ride moving vans providing a better ride for your furniture and you having all of the equipment to properly wrap and pad all of your stuff. Having the proper equipment for your long distance move is the key to success.

Yes Randall, we have both 53′ moving trucks and 28′ moving trucks available. The 53′ vans all are equipped with loading ramps, furniture blankets, and tie-down straps, giving you the best equipment available for large moves.

Melissa,When you fill out the online moving quote form, you will see a dropdown menu to select the size of your move. You will see the number of bedrooms and next to some of the sizes you will see the word PLUS. Plus means that you are moving a home with that many bedrooms plus a car. Selecting this lets our moving companies know that you are moving a car as well.


Is this a PPM/DITY move due to PCS, TDY, or TAD? Check the box to get an email with the 8 steps to a smooth personally procured move to ensure you don’t lose out on your government reimbursement.