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Pod Moving Containers

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MovingPlace has both moving trucks and container moving services available. We are in no way affiliated with Pods nor do we provide Pods moving services. This section of our website is dedicated to customer who have questions about our containerized moving services and are comparing us to Pods, 1800PackRat, and other container moving companies.


This is a live opportunity for you to add comments and/or ask questions about the array of offerings for moving truck services. We find that customers often have similar questions or experiences. That makes this section of our website packed with good information for those that are looking to move or that are already using full service movers or self service movers. If you are already a moving company customer or have received a one way moving quote, it would be helpful if you would add your shipment/or quote number to your question/comment. That will enable us to contact you directly if necessary in addition to answering your long distance moving questions here. Thank you for shopping with MovingPlace

Customer Questions

Hi Meredith,This is exactly what we do. We would bring a moving truck to your storage facility where you would load it. We would transport it to Denver and put it in front of your new home where you would unload it.

Hi Jill,Our smallest moving container is 4ftx4ftx7ft. That might not be large enough. I would recommend getting a 4ft shipment on a moving van (so the width would be 8.5ft wide and the height woudl be 9 feet). That way, everything will fit. As for the car, we will ship the car on an auto transporter (the big trucks that haul 7 or 8 cars at a time). If you fill out the quote request form, we will email you pricing for all of this. Or, for faster service, please call us at 800-876-6839.

Hi Kimberlee,The car has to be empty when it is shipped on one of the auto transport trucks. For the boxes and furniture, we can get you a small space on a moving van, or, if it will fit, we can provide you one of our moving containers that we would ship separately at a reduced cost.

Hi Cathy,We can provide a moving truck for you to load. We will drive it to the destination where you unload. We do have service in your areas. While similar in many ways, we are not related to PODS and, as mentioned, actually provide you self-service moving on moving trucks.

Hi Maria,We are not a pods affiliate. We can bring a moving truck to your home and give you a private compartment in that truck. Oftentimes our pricing is significantly cheaper than PODS due to the fact that you only pay for the space that you order on the truck. If you need additional space, you have a per foot rate that you can pay for the extra space on loading day (you don’t have to order a whole new truck or a whole second “pod” to finish your shipment). The cheapest way to ship cars is to put them on an auto transporter. We can certainly help you with that as well.

Hi Schalisa,We don’t put prices on our Q&A because every move is different. Where are you moving from and to? How much space do you need? We have containerized moving options as well as moving truck services. If you fill out our quote form at the top of this page or give us a call at 800-876-6839, we would be happy to email pricing to you.

Hi Stacey,We do have containerized moving available. We are not a pods affiliate. We can bring either a moving truck or a moving container to your home where you would have up to 3 days to load it. We would transport it to the new location where you would have up to 3 days to unload it. If we use a moving truck for your move rather than a moving container, you have the option of using more space on the truck if you need it. If using a pods-type moving container, you would have to order a second unit if you ran out of space.


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