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Self Service Moving

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MovingPlace provides the easiest and most cost-effective form of self service moving available. For your self service move, we bring a truck to your home for you to load. You can have up to 3 days to load that truck (loading can be over a weekend at no additional charge). Our professional drivers transport your goods to their destination where you can have up to 3 days to unload the moving truck (unloading can be over a weekend at no additional charge as well). We look forward to working with you and helping you save money on your next self service move. Please fill out the quote form at the top/right of this page and one of our representatives will prepare a personalized moving quote for you, or, please call us at 800-876-6839 to speak to someone right away about your self service move.


This is a live opportunity for you to add comments and/or ask questions about the array of offerings for moving truck services. We find that customers often have similar questions or experiences. That makes this section of our website packed with good information for those that are looking to move or that are already using full service movers or self service movers. If you are already a moving company customer or have received a one way moving quote, it would be helpful if you would add your shipment/or quote number to your question/comment. That will enable us to contact you directly if necessary in addition to answering your long distance moving questions here. Thank you for shopping with MovingPlace

Customer Questions

Hi Chris,Since we are a self service mover and you are providing the loading and unloading, coverage is going to be limited to catastrophic events, such as a truck accident, fire, etc. If you have a renter’s policy, you are more than likely already covered for this. If you do not have any coverage, please give us a call. Depending on where you are moving from and to, we will have some options available for you at a very reasonable price.

Hi Roy,For self-service (you load, we drive) moves, we provide the truck, fuel, driver, and door to door transport. We do not have drivers that will drive other peoples’ rented trucks. We do not have service to Alaska at this time, but should by the end of the summer.Thanks!

Hi Miguel,The best idea would be to get a space on a moving truck that is large enough to fit the motorcycle and other items. The self service moving trucks have ramps and you can just drive the motorcycle right up the ramps. There are place inside the truck to secure your goods every 16 inches. Get some heavy straps and you can secure the motorcycle. That will be the cheapest and best way to move what you are moving.

Hi Brianna,Self service moving is easy. We bring a truck out to your home for you to load (we can usually leave the moving truck for up to 3 days, or over a weekend at no additional charge). You load it. We will transport the moving truck to the destination where you will have up to 3 days to unload it. We charge based on the amount of space that you use on the truck, not the weight, so you will not have any surprises for billing). If you fill out our quote form on this page or give us a call at 800-876-6839, we can help you with pricing.Thanks!

Hi Carline,For self service moving, we can work with you to arrange delivery on a specified day. We would need you to call our office at 800-876-6839 and speak to one of our relocation specialists so that we can work that out figuring in the size of shipment, car, etc.

Hi Chris,Self service moving is different from full service in that we charge by the amount of space that is used on the moving truck, not the weight of the shipment. This takes most of the guesswork out of your pricing. We feel that as a consumer, it is darn near impossible to figure out how much your shipment weighs and can set you up for a nasty pricing surprise. But, you can measure out how much space you are ordering and know in advance whether or not the stuff that you are moving will fit in that space. Give us a call and we can help you figure out how much space you may need for your self service move at 800-876-6839.

Hi Jose,All of our moves are self service, meaning that we provide the moving truck, driver, and door to door service. The customer provides the loading and unloading. I see that you already filled out one of our quote forms with your contact information, so I will email over a self service moving quote to you now.

Hi Rosa,We can certainly help you with a self-service move to Idaho. The 26ft uhaul truck is not as wide nor as high as one of our moving trucks. For comparable space, you would need to order 22 feet of space on one of our moving vans (they are 8.5 feet wide and 9 feet tall). Transit time from California to Idaho is going to be approximately 3 days. We would need to look at when you want to move to be able to determine the best days for loading and unloading. Please give us a call at 800-876-6839 and we can narrow down the details.Thanks!

Hi Corey,You have come to the right place. We can do a self service move for your furniture (where you load and unload and we do everything else). For moving your car, there really is not a self service moving option. The driver will load, unload, and secure your car for you on an auto transporter. If you fill out our quote form, put the make and model of your car in the comments section so our representatives will know to price the car for you.Thanks!

Hi Janet,Self service moving is what we do! We provide the moving truck, fuel, driver, and door to door transport for your self service move. You provide the loading and unloading.

Hi Sarah,One of the biggest benefits of moving this way is that you pay for the space used, not how much the stuff weighs. You know exactly how much space that you have on the moving truck and you know exactly how much that it will cost. If you need extra space, you know right up front how much each extra foot of space will cost… there are not surprises.

Hi Kelly,We can normally give you up to 3 business days to load and 3 business days to unload. We can also have you load the truck over the weekend at no additional charge.

Hi Gloria,Yes, our moving trucks are 28ft long and can deliver to most storage facilities. You should call the facility first to confirm that a moving van of that size can fit and has a place to park.

Hi Angela,For one of our self service moves from PA to California, you can expect about 6 business days for the moving truck to travel across the country.

Hi Brinley,Yes, we have the ability to bring the moving truck to your home in the morning and pick it back up later that afternoon when you are finished unloading. If you have a small shipment, we can also do a “live unload” where the driver waits while you unload and then leaves as soon as you are finished.

Hi Melissa,We are a long distance company only. We do not do moves within the same state.

Hi Lori,Yes, we have service to some very remote places. If you fill out the quote form at the top of this page, we can put some options together for you and email them over.Thanks!

Hi Susan,For self service moving, where you load and unload the truck, there are areas of Chicago where there is no parking allowed on the street. The way around that issue is to do a “live load” or “live unload”. That simply means that the driver is going to wait with the moving truck while you load or unload. So, if the truck has to be moved in mid-load, it can be moved. So the real issue is parking, not any goofy Chicago law. If you will give us a call at 800-876-6839, we can work with you to get pricing for your move and figure out the logistics of getting a moving truck to your daughter in Chicago. In the event that even a live load is not available, the next option would be to pick the furniture up at the shipping terminal in Chicago with a smaller truck. Even then, you have the issue of parking that moving truck when you are unloading… Chicago can be interesting!

Hi Don,We can only move things on moving trucks that are arranged by us. We do not haul or move equipment or trucks from other providers.

Hi Nick,We would be happy to help you with a quote for your move. Do you need commercial freight service or are you moving household goods? Please give us a call at 800-876-6839 as there are many variables that will affect the rate. We should discuss them to make sure you are getting the right service at the right price.Thanks!


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