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Moving Services: You Load Our Truck- We Drive

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Our signature service is the “You Load our Truck, We Drive” service. We bring the moving truck to your home where you load it. We transport it to the destination where you unload it. MovingPlace is a pioneer in self-service, you load, we drive moving. Its founder started providing this service over 20 years ago and continues to place an emphasis on the customers first. When the customer is treated with honesty, integrity, and respect. You cannot go wrong. If you have a question about this type of service, please click on “Ask a Question” in the graphic at the top of this page. You will see your question answered for everyone to see very shortly! MovingPlace


This is a live opportunity for you to add comments and/or ask questions about the array of offerings for moving truck services. We find that customers often have similar questions or experiences. That makes this section of our website packed with good information for those that are looking to move or that are already using full service movers or self service movers. If you are already a moving company customer or have received a one way moving quote, it would be helpful if you would add your shipment/or quote number to your question/comment. That will enable us to contact you directly if necessary in addition to answering your long distance moving questions here. Thank you for shopping with MovingPlace

Customer Questions


When we bring a moving truck to your home, it is empty.  You load starting at the very front and work your way back.  Once you are done loading, a bulkhead wall is installed so that your stuff is secure behind it.  That is where it stays!  We do not offload your goods at a warehouse or put them onto another truck.

Hi Elaine,We only provide moving blankets when you rent an entire 53 foot moving van. For the smaller shipments, we currently do not provide them.We do have options for a same day drop off and pick up and we perform moves in and out of storage facilities on a daily basis, so are familiar with the challenges around moving with limited access.

Hi Tracy,We do have storage options for you, both monthly or daily. With storage, we leave the household goods right on the same moving truck on which you loaded them and hold them at the destination trucking terminal. The trailers are locked up on a secure lot and delivered back out when you are ready for them.

Hi Lesley,Yes, even though we may say “furniture”, we mean everything that would be included in a normal household move. We also can help with office/commercial, long-distance moving as well.

Hi Lisa,We service areas 5 days a week. We generally need about a 10 day notice to get you on the schedule, but we can often service a move the very next day. The best way to check availability of moving trucks is to give us a call at 800-876-6839. We can quickly give you the schedule for the next available truck and help you book it if you would like to.

Hi Melanie,We only provide driving services for moving trucks that we provide. We get this question a lot and it is impossible to insure a driver that is driving a non-DOT certified truck that is provided by a third party. The only way to find a driver to do something like that is to post it on Craig’s List. I am not so sure that I would be comfortable with that personally, but it is really the only option as no company does what you are asking.

Hi Tracy,We have options where we can leave your stuff right on the moving van and hold it at our secure terminal for up to a couple of months of storage. Our pricing is the best in the industry for moving and storage. Pls indicate when you fill out our quote form how many days of storage you might need and we will email pricing to you.

Hi Brian,We have a link at the top of this page for International moving. We recommend our friends at They handle all of our inquiries for international moves.

Hi Elizabeth,You need to drain the fuel from any motorized vehicle going onto the moving truck. You do not have to remove the gas tank, just the gas from it.

Hi Griselda,We provide long distance moving services on moving trucks, we do not have towing services for other peoples’ trailers. Sorry!

Hi Brett,We provide the truck, fuel, driver, and door to door transport. We do not provide drivers for other peoples’ rented trucks. We will transport your car on a large auto transporter (the big trucks that carry 7 or 8 cars at a time). As for travel timing, we can arrange to have the truck delivered on the day that you want. If there is a big delay, we can get you daily storage on the moving truck at a very affordable price.

Hi Latosha,We only do long distance moves (state to state moving).

Hi Thamer,We do not quote prices for long distance moving on the website as they change seasonally. If you call us at 800-876-6839 or fill out the quote form on this website, we will be happy to put together some rates for our you load, we drive service and email them to you.

Hi Lydia,Yes, we can provide a truck for long distance moving for just about any location. We bring the truck to your home where you can have up to 3 days to load it. We then transport it to your new home where you have up to 3 days to unload it. If you need us to release the shipment to a friend or relative, you just need to let us know so that we can arrange to do so. Thanks!

Hi Lori,We can help you with that move. Please fill out our quote request form and one of our relocation specialists will email pricing to you right away.

Hi Tracy,We are a self-service mover and provide the truck, fuel, driver, and door to door transport. Loading and unloading is not part of our service. We recommend for loading and unloading. They have good rates and a good system for following up to make sure that they are providing quality service.

Hi Bridgette,In that type of situation, we can do what is called a “Live Load”. A live load simply means that the driver is going to stay with the truck attached to the trailer while you load. Once you are finished loading, the driver will immediately leave. There are some fees associated with this service depending on where you are moving from and to. Please contact us at 800-876-6839 and we can look at your locations and help figure out pricing for your long distance move.

Hi Mike,Yes, we do have loading ramps available for you to use.

Hi Bill,We do have storage available. We normally leave the shipment on the truck where you load it and keep it on a secured parking lot. When you are ready for your goods to be delivered, we bring the truck out and drop it off for you to unload. Storage is generally charged by the day and the rates are super inexpensive.

Yes, Andrea.That is what the industry calls a “Live Load”. The driver will wait with the moving truck while you unload and then leave. There are usually wait time charges associated with this. The first hour is free and then each additional hour that the driver waits is accrues a charge. That cost varies depending on where in the country you are moving.



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