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Moving with the military is easy with Movingplace. We are completely versed in the process and procedures that are required to successfully perform a military dity move. Movingplace is able to provide certified weight tickets for each military move as well as a certified bill of lading so that military members can get reimbursed for PCS (Permanent Change of Station) moves.

Question to MovingPlace

from Shannon K. in VA - Thursday, November 14, 2013

Is there a fee if I go over the 3 days to load? Is there a fee if I go over 3 days to unload?

MovingPlace Response

We can work with you to accommodate almost any schedule when renting a space on a moving van. Let your relocation specialist know your requirements when making reservations so that they can help you with your moving truck timing.

Question to MovingPlace

from sarah g. in WV - Wednesday, June 12, 2013

the price looks good to me but i have a car and will probably need help loading the truck,can you help me with this? thanks, sarah

MovingPlace Response

The company that we recommend for loading and unloading our moving trucks is HireAHelper. They can be reached at 866-926-1688. I sent you an email as well that has my contact info so that we can get further into the details of your long distance moving truck. Thanks!

Question to MovingPlace

from Julie H. in IL - Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How long do we have to load the moving truck? (i.e., when does it appear and when does it disappear and hit the road?)

MovingPlace Response

We have flexibility with loading and unloading. You can take anywhere from 1 hour to up to 3 days for loading and unloading, your choice!

Question to MovingPlace

from Heather D. in VA - Thursday, October 11, 2012

I have a living room set dining table w/ chairs, and a desk. I cannot physically lift these things to move. Do you provide this service and then move to FL from VA?

MovingPlace Response

If you look at the top links on our website, you will see a link to Loading and Unloading. That is a link to HireaHelper, an excellent company that has a nationwide network of local movers that would be happy to load and unload your moving truck. Movingplace does not provide loading or unloading services, just the moving truck transportation.

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